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14th Annual Ganley Foundation Ironman 100

Celebrating 14 Years of Saving Lives!
March 19, 2018
Parkland Golf and Country Club
Parkland, FL


We would like to invite you to join us in participating in the 14th Annual Ironman 100 which will be held on March 19th at the beautiful Parkland Golf and Country Club. There are many ways you may participate. You can provide on course participation, your sponsorship and/or a general donation.

How would you like to play as much golf as you possibly can on a private golf course in one day? If so choose on course participation as a golfer who will play 100 holes of golf on this gorgeous course while receiving a constant supply of golf balls, free meals and snacks. We are asking each golfer to raise a minimum $2,500 in collected donations. We will provide the "how to's" including:

  • Information about the foundation and its mission
  • Donation request letters
  • Sponsorship form
  • Personalized web-page for soliciting donations

For sponsorship details please see click HERE regarding your options. This year's options include sponsorship of a school presentation and the details of which you may will find HERE. General donations may be made through our website by clicking here. As always 100% of proceeds for this event go directly to their work.

Why would you do this?

For over 14 years the Ganley Foundation has maintained its mission to educate communities about depression and challenge those stigmas that prevention proper intervention and treatment. Founded following the suicide of Jimmy at the age of 22 due to undiagnosed depression, the Crusade for Awareness promotes mental health by educating youth, parents and professionals about the signs of depression. Depression remains the number one cause of suicide and it is also preventable. Sadly suicide is the second leading cause of death for those ages 10-24 (Center for Disease Control). More youth die from this than from cancer, heart disease, influenza, birth defects, AIDS, stroke, pneumonia, and chronic lung disease combined. Learn more by watching part of an Emmy nominated ESPN E:60 documentary interview video with our founders.

The Ganley Foundation continues to combat these trends. Your support allows the expansion of their educational efforts. All proceeds from the Ironman 100 fund their educational efforts including:

  • Student Presentations- Presentations are provided locally and nationally via strong relationships with the county public elementary, middle, and high schools. Services are also provided to colleges like the University of Miami, Nova Southeastern University, Doane College, Barry University, Florida Memorial University, and Florida International University.
  • Professional Trainings- “Gatekeeper" workshops are provided for teachers, police officers, and staff members. This allows those professionals working with youth to identify important warning signs and make proper referrals.
  • Philanthropic Efforts- The James R. Ganley School founded in the most violent city in the Americas Juarez, Mexico. Without your support these children would not be safely provided even an elementary education. Also funded are awareness raising Out of the Darkness Walks on local colleges.
  • Conferences and Symposiums- Partnerships with Baptist Health, ICABA and United Way allow for widespread community education and bullying symposiums across Broward and Miami-Dade County.
  • Media Outreach- The Ganley Foundation has shared its expertise multiple times on channels including CNN, CNN en Espanol, Fox Sports en Espanol, ESPN, and E!.

We are excited to celebrate our work with you as it provides both practical information and a lifesaving dialogue. Such dialogues have included:



Some days are easier than others. More days than not I used to not want to be here. Now that I’m talking to a counselor there are more days than not that I want to be here.” – 9th grade suicide attempt survivor who attended our presentation

"You've saved at least 5 of my students. We need to talk about these things. Your presentations are conversation starters- lifesaving ones!"  - Middle school counselor

My friends always tried to make me feel better when I spoke to them and then there’d be drama. I just wanted to die. I realized what I needed was to not just talk to kids my age, but someone who knew what this was. Turns out I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I didn’t realize I needed ‘adult’ help.” – 11th grade student

This year the very first month as principal in a new school we lost a 6th grader to suicide. A 6th grader! Some kids we’ve lost are popular or at least known, but this kid was in so much pain he’d already pulled away from the world and made himself invisible. No one even noticed his absence after he died. It broke all our staff’s hearts. How did we miss it?”  - Middle school principal, Ganley Foundation provided post-vention services

My college roommate slept all day and always talked about how she wishes she was never born and feels like a disappointment to all those around her. After hearing you speak I invited her to go with me to our counseling center. Turns out she was planning on ending her life during break." – Freshman college student

Every school needs Ganley Foundation services. We cannot continue to bury our children. Two years ago we lost a 10th grader. She was an overachiever, highly involved, popular, beautiful, and sadly the last one I’d ever think was depressed. After the presentation we received I will never go another year without this staff training. I keep thinking what if we’d done this sooner. I go to sleep every night with a heavy heart and regrets.” - High School principal

We thank you for your support and look forward to making more of these success stories possible. Together more lives can be saved.

Please email our founder Jim at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it regarding your involvement. Hope to see you there.

Thank you,
Your Ganley Foundation Team


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