Monday, January 20, 2020

In an Age of Violence: Helping Children and Families Cope

The Ganley Foundation is grateful for their partnership with the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County, Inc (MHA). We were able to partake in a their first annual conference addressing some of the unique challenges that our children face today. Specifically the Ganley Foundation was able to discuss violence towards oneself by addressing youth suicide prevention. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and present with most all suicides. Suicide is unfortunately the second cause of death for those aged 10-34. The Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization are in agreement that the age of onset tends to be during adolescence. The ideal time therefore to diagnose and intervene are the school aged years.

This was an important message to share during this professional conference. Hundreds who work hard to support our youth were in attendance. This included school resource officers, counselors, psychologists, teachers, law enforcement, administrators, etc. Mayor Muolo opened the two day conference with an important message about taking care of community and how that starts with our youth. We certainly know it is the responsibility of adults to safeguard our youth physically and emotionally. Times have changed as have the risks our youth face. This conference was an amazing endeavor to make sure we meet these challenges head on and work together.

The Ganley Foundation thanks the MHA for all its hard work and splendid professionalism in putting on this worthwhile event. We look forward to continued partnership. As executive director of the Ganley Foundation Grace Carricarte always says, “Good people seem to find each other and together the can and do change the world for the better.”

Thank you, MHA, for being part of that!

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