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Educational Curriculum

Educational Curriculum

The Ganley Foundation developed this Teacher’s Guide to help educators facilitate a 50-minute Crusade for Awareness presentation in their classrooms. This educational curriculum was developed to accompany our Crusade for Awareness film. Designed to educate youth about the importance of mental health, students can learn to recognize the signs of depression and the warning signs for suicide. Early recognition is the key to obtaining proper intervention and treatment. Practical information is also provided to show students how they may obtain help for themselves or others.

Materials found within this Teacher’s Guide packet include:

  • Teacher’s Guide with Sections including: Educational Presentation, Additional Activities, and Facilitator Guide.
  • Crusade for Awareness Film (DVD)
  • Digital Materials Supplement (CD)

These materials allow educators to cover the topics of mental health, depression, and suicide in responsible and appropriate manner for students in grades 7-12. This presentation may be used to complement health curriculum or as a special topic presentation. Extending presentation time beyond the 50-minute period allows further utilization of the Additional Activities Section provided in this packet.

The proper use of these materials may help save lives. Ignoring the issue of youth depression means we will continue to face devastating consequence of increased suicide rates. In addition, we know that student mental health is essential for their ability to learn and achieve academically. Students can reach their highest potential when their mental health is supported.

Why do we need this information in our classrooms?

  • More youth are experiencing depression and at younger ages than ever.
  • In your average classroom of 30 students, 6 or 20% will experience depression before graduating high school.
  • In your average classroom of 30 students, 3 or 10% will attempt suicide before graduating high school.
  • The rate of suicide among adolescents has quadrupled since the 1950s.
  • Less than 1 in 5 youths in need of mental health services receive needed treatment.
  • Depression in youth is associated with poor social functioning, decreased school performance, and increased risk for contact with the juvenile justice system, drug, alcohol, and nicotine use.

At the Ganley Foundation, we have seen firsthand the impact that this life-saving information can have. Thank you for helping us get these Teacher’s Guides into the hands of our educators. We appreciate your consideration and interest in our work.

A copy of the Educational Curriculum
(PDF, 11.6MB) is available on this site for download. For more information or to request a physical copy of this Teacher’s Guide, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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